Blog Submission Guidelines

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Why Write for Us?

We want to feature your work on the WWD blog. We care about your expertise and experience and want to share it with our readers and students. A guest post is a great way to get your writing in front of our sizeable blog audience and featured in our email roundup along with selected posts from Lit Hub, Electric Literature, and other literary outlets that readers depend on and trust for articles on the craft and business of writing. Along with your bio we will link to your website and/or social media profile. You will also be featured and tagged (when applicable) on our social media when we promote your article. With a literary audience that spans the globe, we’re excited to get your work in front of thousands of readers who can then discover and follow you.


Writing: From craft tutorials to motivational advice, the writing category encompasses everything to do with the nuts and bolts of writing: best practices, how-to, inspiration, mindset, recommendations, and any aspect of the creative writing process. This includes our WWD Wins Wednesday column.

Editing: Commas, clauses, character development—it’s all covered right here in the editing category. Editing involves pretty much everything you do after the first draft of your book is complete. This includes self-editing, working with professional editors, and our Editor’s View updates.

Publishing: If you’re sending your writing out into the universe to be read, then you can write about it in the publishing category. Are you querying agents? Having success or running into roadblocks? We want to hear about your traditional publishing, indie publishing, hybrid publishing, or self-publishing journey. If you’re submitting individual pieces to contests and literary journals, we also want to hear about your strategies, wins and losses, and how you’ve persevered to get where you are today.

Marketing: It’s no use having a book published if no one ever reads it. Here we delve into everything about marketing and sales, from choosing an attractive cover design to launching a twitter campaign. If it sells books, it’s an article for the marketing category.

Business: Every writer’s dream is to support themselves through their art. If you have made writing into a career or are hoping to, let’s hear about it in the business category. This includes blogging, freelancing, speaking, and other profit-making activities that compliment book sales.


Article Details:

  • Articles should be narrative or prescriptive nonfiction (we are not accepting fiction at this time)

  • Length should be between 500 and 800 words

  • Aim for universal readability

  • Include two (2) or more potential article titles

  • Do NOT include paid or affiliate links within the article

  • Provide a three (3) sentence bio which may include one (1) link to your website, book, or a social media profile

How to Submit:

  • Email Submissions [at] WritingWorkshopsDallas [dot] com

  • Title your email as follows:

    [Blog Submission] YourName – BlogCategory

  • Attach your completed article as a Word (.doc or .docx) or Text (.txt) file

    • You are also welcome to send a pitch to our editor before writing your article

Other Important Details

  • You must be the original creator of the piece you send in. We run all pieces through Grammarly to check for plagiarism.

  • We do not accept already-published pieces or reprints.

  • We hold the First Electronic Rights to your article for three (3) months from the posting date, after which time you are free to submit the piece elsewhere.

  • We also hold the right to reuse your article in workbooks, roundup lists, and other WWD related publications.

  • The author attests that this is his or her own creative work and agrees to its publication on the WWD website. The author also attests that this piece has not already been published in any other venue prior to publication on the WWD website. 

  • WWD will edit for grammatical errors, but will not change the content of your work. If you have any concerns with potential changes, you may request to view your piece prior to publication.

  • WWD agrees to post your work to the WWD blog with acknowledgement to the author.

  • WWD reserves the right to reproduce blog posts in digital and/or purchasable forms, including eBook, which are unknown or hereafter invented.

  • The author retains all additional rights including individual reproduction of the work in digital and print format.