8-Week Memoir & Fiction: Exploring Voice & Vision in Different Genres

Class Begins Tuesday, January 15, 2019


$495 New Student | $470 Returning

All stories, fiction or nonfiction, grapple with the interplay of truth and imagination. Writers strive to manifest a voice that will compel a reader’s trust but also empower their vision and drive to discover new, unanticipated meanings and possibilities in their narratives. The late Tom Wolfe, both journalist and novelist, described his hybrid work in these terms: “It’s not just that reporting gives you a bigger slice of life—lends verisimilitude to what you are doing—it’s that it feeds the imagination.”

In this spirit, we'll explore fiction and memoir as platforms from which to tell our stories. What genre might offer perspectives, form, and techniques to best realize your intentions? Or does one best suit the particular story you want to tell? You’ll have the opportunity to treat the same story in different genres, or maybe you have different ideas to pursue in both fiction and memoir. To guide our inquiry, we’ll consider the formal and expressive qualities of each genre through published short stories and creative nonfiction, along with essays on craft. The aim of this class is not to choose one genre over the other as the “right” one for you. Rather, we’ll approach our inquiry in the spirit of experimentation, guided by the questions: What domain summons your most authentic voice and ignites your most vital and powerful writing? How will you use your imagination to gain a deeper connection with your narrative and characters—whether they’re people you’ve known in life or are discovering on the page?

Each writer will have two opportunities to have his or her work critiqued during class and will receive written feedback from the instructor and classmates.

NOTE: Students are required to purchase a copy The Half-Known World, by Robert Boswell, and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, by Lee Gutkind.

  • Class size limited to 8 writers

  • Meets Tuesday 6:30PM to 8:30PM / January 15, 2019 to March 5, 2019

  • Class meets at The Drawing Board at 75 & Campbell: 1900 Jay Ell Dr / Richardson, TX / 75081

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Instructor Eden Elieff is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, a teacher, and private writing coach. She has published work in literary journals, the Dallas Morning News, and also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Student Testimonials

“There are lots of good writing teachers; Eden Elieff is one of the great ones. She’s not just a published writer & extremely knowledgeable about the entire field.  She’s also a great instructor. She focuses on supporting you & your writing goals and makes you do the work. From provoking you to counseling you to giving you actionable ideas, Eden will help you get to where you should go. Whatever writing subject she teaches - take her course!”

"Yesterday filled me with joy. What was I doing? I was in Eden Elieff's Fiction or Memoir Class. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Her materials (excerpts from esteemed texts, both memoir and fiction) were eye-opening. Her writing exercises were invigorating. The entire three hours transported me back to my beloved MFA days and reminded me of why I am a writer. (Bonus: She has her MFA from Bennington!) Through the examination of the passages, I was able to further paw my way out of my pile of confusion over what I am writing and I feel I am closer now to what I must pursue: an autobiographical novel, which I had no idea existed. Or rather, was classified as such. I highly HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher. I look forward to more classes with Eden!"