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Thanks for signing up for our e-mail list. Let me provide an introduction: at Writing Workshops Dallas, we offer two kinds of classes:

Three-hour Seminars on the business or craft of writing, with new classes/topics updated weekly. You can attend these in-person or via live stream.

8-Week Workshops in Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, and Screenwriting.

We also have Online classes.

If you don't know where to start, think about where you want to be with your writing this time NEXT YEAR. Your favorite writers had to start on page one and survive the first draft as well, so you're in good company. Join an 8-week class, take a seminar, or check out our Individual Consultation services if you're looking for help on work you already have complete.

As a bonus, here is the link to our The Mystical Art of Writing a Killer Query Letter video seminar!

If you have any questions check out our FAQ Page or Contact Us and we’ll be in touch via email. We're happy you're here and hope to be the next step in your writing journey!

My best,

Blake Kimzey | Executive Director, Writing Workshops Dallas