Upcoming 2019 Screenwriting Classes

Our screenwriting instructors are accomplished professionals who currently work in the entertainment industry. They are also dedicated teachers who have a passion for the craft of screenwriting. They will teach you the skills needed to write a saleable screenplay and what to do after you get to THE END.

We love our award-winning instructors, but we’re most proud of our Student Testimonials, which speak to the quality of our classes and the dedication our instructors demonstrate as mentors. We offer classes that accommodate every schedule, skill level, and budget and they’re inclusive and intentionally small.


8-Week Introduction to Screenwriting

Whitney Davis

Wednesdays, 7:00PM-9:00PM
August 21 - October 9 | 2019

8-Week Intermediate Screenwriting

Whitney Davis

Tuesdays, 7:00PM-9:00PM
June 4 - July 23 | 2019

8-Week Advanced Screenwriting

Whitney Davis

Thursdays, 7:00PM-9:00PM
August 22 - October 10 | 2019