Survive Rejection

Writing Out of the Wilderness: Survive Rejection & Forge a Path to Publication

Recorded January 20, 2019

Live Stream Recording Available

$60 New Student | $45 Returning

Live Stream Available

Blake Kimzey, Director & Founder of Writing Workshops Dallas, will show you the resources and strategies you need to put your work out in the world with purpose. Named one of D Magazine's Artists to Learn From, he will discuss the mountain of rejection any writer will face on their way to publication and how to overcome the odds and forge a path to publication. There is a saying that writing is rejection. That's true: everyone has been rejected many times. But over time those form rejections should turn into personal rejections and eventually become acceptances. Do you feel stuck in your journey to publication? If so, let us help! If you're submitting your work for publication you know that only the top 1 - 2% of all submissions are accepted by literary journals and literary agents. Those are long odds, and we want to help you improve them. With so many writers vying for publication you need to make sure your work has received the attention it needs before you spend hours researching markets, writing cover letters, and staring at your e-mail hoping to receive an acceptance from an editor or offer of representation from an agent. Blake will also discuss building a memorable character and believable setting, and how to use narrative inventory to architect your story. Topics will include:

  • Strategies for submitting work to literary journals and contests

  • Crafting a smart cover letter

  • Attending conferences/residencies

  • Taking charge of your professional development

  • How to make yourself findable online to editors and agents

  • How to engage with and become part of the online literary community.

Fee: $60 or $45 for former/current students | Live Stream Available!

  • Blake Kimzey, Presenter

  • Video Recorded January 20, 2019

  • Live Stream is available.

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Instructor Blake Kimzey founded and directs Writing Workshops Dallas. His short fiction has been broadcast on NPR, performed on stage in Los Angeles, and published by Tin House, McSweeney’s, VICE Magazine, Redivider, Green Mountains Review, Short Fiction, FiveChapters, The Lifted Brow, Hobart, Puerto del Sol, The Los Angeles Review, The Masters Review, Booth, Faultline, FLAUNT Magazine, Malibu Magazine, Day One, Fiction Southeast, Surreal South '13, and selected by Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert Olen Butler for inclusion in The Best Small Fictions 2015. He is a graduate of the MFA Program at UC Irvine and currently teaches in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Student Testimonials

"I attended Blake Kimzey's Fiction II 8-week short story writing class and Joe Milazzo's 3-hour Poetic Form & Inspiration seminar -- both were time and money well spent. From the specific, encouraging feedback from instructors and students, to the wealth of literary info and writers' resources provided before/during/after class, to the valuable networking opportunities with a diverse group of courageous classmates, I have returned to my writing with renewed energy and -- BONUS! -- the local literary world has opened up to me through these workshops. I'm hungry to participate in Fiction II again in the fall with Blake to read, write and learn even more, and will be on the lookout for Joe's next poetry seminar for even more inspiration!"

"I have nothing but high praise for Writing Workshops Dallas. I took a fiction course with Blake and attended one of his seminars. Blake is one of the best writing instructors I’ve had. The course definitely helped me navigate the literary community and strengthen my narrative skills. The environment is inclusive and encouraging. You’re surrounded by people who are taking courses for the sheer love of writing. I implore you to explore WWD and its course offerings. Since taking Blake's course, I have had a short story accepted for publication and was admitted to a fully funded MFA program. Thank you, WWD!"

"Wonderful opportunity to be part of a literary community and a great workshop. Blake is a great instructor and I will be back again!"

"I took a Fiction Writing Class with Blake Kimzey and couldn't be more impressed. The instruction and materials were great. Additionally, it got me out of my shell and pushed me to start writing. Can't thank Blake and the group of writers that took the class with me enough."

"I joined a beginner to intermediate fiction writing group led by Blake. The quality of the workshop, the suggested reads, the mix and number of participants were all perfect. The discussions taught me so much. Handing in my first homework was nerve wracking but Blake as well as the other participants turned it into the best experience with constructive criticism. Blake is a fantastic teacher and is great at getting the group to interact in the most productive manner. I missed it as soon as it ended and I cannot recommend the workshops highly enough.”

"For the last 8 weeks, I’ve sat with these incredible writers to learn how to write fiction. In all my years, I’ve never been more challenged, encouraged, and committed to something than this class and these people. Writing is hard, it takes concentration, commitment, dedication and an imagination. I’m not sure I’m writing the next great novel, but I’m sure enjoying it, and that’s what matters. I will miss my weekly class and the intellectual stimulation it has brought, but thrilled we have agreed to continue meeting monthly. I can not recommend Writing Workshops Dallas and the guidance of Blake Kimzey enough. Such an incredible and life changing experience for me!"

"Blake Kimzey has done a great job at the Writing Workshop. It doesn't matter where you are in your writing career you will come out of the workshop with a rich experience and a better reader and writer. Highly recommended!"

"I attended an 8-week Fiction class led by Blake Kimzey. I learned so much and have improved as a writer. When aiming for goals, there are certain steps you have to take, and this class was a must for me in my career as a novelist. I look forward to attending more classes not just for the learning aspect but also for the community and support.”

"I attended another great Writing Workshops Dallas workshop via Live Stream yesterday with the talented and wonderful teacher Blake Kimzey. If you are a writer who is serious about your craft, take online classes from this group. Affordable, fun and packed with information."

"I loved the Fiction I class! Blake gave us practical information and advice on how to finish stories and get them published. The reading materials and discussions opened my eyes to the world of short stories and how to learn from other authors. Reading work from my classmates and receiving their feedback was invaluable and helped me learn so much about my writing. I was never one for sharing my work, but the atmosphere was very open, honest and laid back. It made sharing easy and got me excited about writing again. I hope to participate in another workshop soon!"

"Excellent program! Just finished the Fiction II workshop with Blake Kimzey and learned a ton. The workshop includes robust critiquing and reading, in a structured format, while sprinkling in good times along the way. Blake also met with me one-on-one, providing specific coaching based on my submitted work and career aspirations. WWD is a place where serious writers go to grow in craft and community, a fast-paced and constructive environment that leads to actionable results."

"This was an excellent workshop and Blake is a great teacher. I was able to rub shoulders with fellow writers and gain their insight from their own writing styles. More than anything it allowed me to grow as a writer. I was able to see my weaknesses and get them out of my work to progress with a stronger piece. It was fun, laid back and always something new when it came to Tuesday nights. I highly recommend the workshops that are by WWD and I look forward to taking another one in the future."

"As a non-fiction writer, I was looking for a fiction writing workshop that would both go over the basics and push me to grow, and Blake's workshop did both. I loved reading the stories from my fellow writers and finding what needs polishing in my own writing. I also loved hearing about the process of fiction publication and learning more about the thriving Dallas literary scene. If you're waiting for a kick to get your fiction writing going, sign up for Blake's class!"

"I completed Blake Kimzey's Fiction II Workshop, and it made me a better, more thoughtful writer. Blake's got a generous, inclusive teaching style that draws the best from each student. The texts we read each week enriched the workshop experience - nice balance. I wish I could take the class again this summer, but I must wait until fall. I'm going to miss the weekly infusion of creative juice. Thanks to Blake and my classmates for a rollicking good time."

"Blake was so encouraging and inspiring. He really made me want to take charge of my writing career."

"I love that Blake allows us to come up with our own writing styles and ideas. One thing that has bothered me about past writing courses is being required to use prompts for story ideas. This was a BIG help."

"Blake Kimzey from Writing Workshops Dallas is one of the best instructors I've had on writing. He puts a lot of thought into his classes and how he will present the content so that it's engaging, extremely practical to apply, and easy to understand. He's also incredibly responsive, encouraging (yet honest about the many challenges that a writer encounters), and caring. What more could you ask for in an instructor!"

"I saw Blake from Writing Workshop Dallas Great present at Serj Books. It was a really illuminated presentation into the rigors of what it takes to get published. Not only was it informative, but it cleared up some of the mystery associated with the publishing process, and gave me a specific game-plan and set of tools necessary to take the next step towards being published."