"Blake was so encouraging and inspiring. He really made me want to take charge of my writing career."

"I love that Blake allows us to come up with our own writing styles and ideas. One thing that has bothered me about past writing courses is being required to use prompts for story ideas. This was a BIG help."

"I've never felt more satisfied with a course and that was due to the genuine care and freedom to create works and discuss criticisms in a professional and constructive way."

"Blake was excellent in guiding each workshop, and allowed for active conversations to turn into excellent feedback."

"Blake is an excellent instructor who inspires his students to make their writing as good as it possibly can be. He encourages his students to write about whatever they want, which puts the creativity in the hands of the students. No prompts were given, and I appreciated that."

"I liked it all."

"This course totally encouraged me as an aspiring writer. Blake does an excellent job of encouraging total class involvement; even the quietest student is encouraged to speak her mind, which aids in everyone's learning."

"Blake did an amazing job of demystifying the writing and publishing process. We're all better informed and still inspired."

"This class has really kindled a passion I have always had, but been too afraid of pursuing. With the workshop and classmates I have left the course really believing that anyone can be a writer if they pursue it earnestly and with a love for reading and writing. Thank you!"

"I truly enjoyed the fact that we were encouraged to write what we wanted to write. Blake's focus is on making what you want to express come out on the page. And by reading published material that didn't come from traditional set texts, it forced us to look at the quality of the writing more objectively. I wish more writing workshops were taught this way."

"Blake made for a great and encouraging teacher because he approached the class as a workshop leader and presented himself as a fellow writer who knew the path rather than a mere 'instructor.'"

"This course was great! I would take the class again as I believe there is so much more I could learn from this instructor."

"Blake is inspirational to work with."

"The quality of this class was great! The selected textbooks were great choices."

"Blake created a safe environment where many of us felt brave enough to push our limits, take some risks with our stories, and try something new. There was a frequent and open discussion initiated by the class about how different members of the class had been stretched and expanded. I am definitely a better writer having taken this course with Blake Kimzey."

"This is one of my favorite writing classes I've ever taken and will be taking it again. Everything I learned and accomplished was extremely valuable not only for my writing, but for my future career."

"This was a great course and I would definitely take it again!"

"The workshops were great. I liked the organization of them. I appreciated how polite everyone was. I was surprised that I could write and that people would have nice things to say about it. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. Most importantly, I gained the courage to write a whole story and have other people look at it. There was something about having to reading people's stories for their workshop that made me work harder than in other courses. Something about owing something to a particular person made me make sure I got my critiques done."

"This class was absolutely fantastic."

"Blake was probably one of the best instructors I have ever had. I love the workshop structure he has put in place and it was incredibly beneficial to me. I also liked learning how the local literary scene in Dallas looks, and how a writer can find an agent. Very helpful. SO overall, this class was a great experience."