"I highly recommend these classes. I just completed the Personal Essay course with Mag Gabbert and it was great."

"Wrapped up my first fiction-writing course with Writing Workshops Dallas tonight - it was an intense 8 weeks but SO glad I did it! It has made me much braver, writing and otherwise."

"I attended Blake Kimzey's Fiction II 8-week short story writing class and Joe Milazzo's 3-hour Poetic Form & Inspiration seminar -- both were time and money well spent. From the specific, encouraging feedback from instructors and students, to the wealth of literary info and writers' resources provided before/during/after class, to the valuable networking opportunities with a diverse group of courageous classmates, I have returned to my writing with renewed energy and -- BONUS! -- the local literary world has opened up to me through these workshops. I'm hungry to participate in Fiction II again in the fall with Blake to read, write and learn even more, and will be on the lookout for Joe's next poetry seminar for even more inspiration!"

"Wonderful opportunity to be part of a literary community and a great workshop. Blake is a great instructor and I will be back again!"

"I attend Whitney's Dare to Dream 2018 seminar via live streaming on 14 Jan 2018. She sent out a workbook before class for the attendees and it has awesome exercises to focus my writing passion towards finishing a project. So fortunate to have found Writing Workshops Dallas and grateful to be able to attend via live streaming."

"I loved the Fiction I class! Blake gave us practical information and advice on how to finish stories and get them published. The reading materials and discussions opened my eyes to the world of short stories and how to learn from other authors. Reading work from my classmates and receiving their feedback was invaluable and helped me learn so much about my writing. I was never one for sharing my work, but the atmosphere was very open, honest and laid back. It made sharing easy and got me excited about writing again. I hope to participate in another workshop soon!"

"I took the Self-Editing Seminar with writer Blake Atwood. His presentation, which offered 50 practical editing tips for writers, was a good refresher and a great learning experience. His advice was concise, practical, to the point and also fun! He also provided tips when finding and working with an editor to publish your work. I manage a blog for my personal development organization and from time to time publish academic articles in journals and online magazines. I will definitely use what I learned at this seminar for my writing. Thanks for having a great writing community resource in Dallas!"

"Blake Atwood's self-editing class was entertaining and informative. I'm a journalist who's done proofing and editing — I still learned a lot! The supplemental materials downloaded after class proved to be very helpful."

"I highly recommend the Creative Nonfiction class with Ashley (Mag) Gabbert. I loved the opportunity to polish my writing and get feedback from the class and Mag. Mag's insight and suggestions for my personal essays helped me to be a better writer. The small class setting was intimate and allowed each of us to contribute to discussion. The required texts will be a useful reference as I continue my writing life. I definitely plan on taking another workshop from Writing Workshops Dallas and Mag Gabbert!"

"Attended a workshop taught by Blake Atwood on 'Should I Self-Publish or Seek Traditional Publishing' hosted by Writing Workshops Dallas. I really enjoyed it and left with a better understanding of the pros and cons of both avenues which will serve me well as I navigate the publishing arena. Blake is an excellent teacher, always prepared (this is my second class with him) and very helpful in assuring each student has an understanding of the subject matter. I highly recommend this class as well as his Self-Editing class."

"Mag Gabbert's seminar on Submission for Publishing was just what I needed. The submission process is daunting and unfamiliar for someone without a formal education. The gaps created by me learning through trial and error were all filled at this seminar. Mag's delivery was crisp and on task which I appreciated. She answered all questions in a succinct, understandable, and very human way. I highly recommend this seminar and plan on taking more classes starting in 2018."

"I attended Blake Atwood's seminar HOW TO SELF-EDIT: 50 ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR HONING EVERY MANUSCRIPT on 21 Jan 2018 via Livestreaming.  The seminar was full of all types of information, resources, and tips.  He sent us a copy of his slides with links to follow up after class.  Very informative and helpful.  Another 5-star seminar from Writing Workshops Dallas."

"I attended Whitney Davis' class Dare to Dream in 2018 yesterday and it was a very informative, lively and thought provoking time spent honing our organizational skills, goal setting and adding some accountability to our portfolios. Whitney was extremely helpful and I was able to leave with an arsenal of tools, ready to conquer my 2018 goals and beyond.  I look forward to the next classes that I have scheduled for this quarter.  I think Whitney will be my instructor in one of the others I will be attending. Thanks to Writing Workshops Dallas and Blake Kimzey for making these classes available."

"Excellent program! Just finished the Fiction II workshop with Blake Kimzey and learned a ton. The workshop includes robust critiquing and reading, in a structured format, while sprinkling in good times along the way. Blake also met with me one-on-one, providing specific coaching based on my submitted work and career aspirations. WWD is a place where serious writers go to grow in craft and community, a fast-paced and constructive environment that leads to actionable results."

"WWD's TV & Film seminar was outstanding! Industry-leader Steve LaRue's expertise and knowledge was inspirational. Thanks to WWD for offering such wonderful events!"

"I attended the workshop for screenwriters with TV exec Steve LaRue, and writer's rep Whitney Davis, and walked out with several actionable ideas for some work I have in development. I've also found myself since paying forward their good advice to some of my clients who are creative entrepreneurs. I felt lucky to be in the room, glad to now know you Blake, and a few new colleagues. Thanks for putting this together!"

"This was an excellent workshop and Blake is a great teacher. I was able to rub shoulders with fellow writers and gain their insight from their own writing styles. More than anything it allowed me to grow as a writer. I was able to see my weaknesses and get them out of my work to progress with a stronger piece. It was fun, laid back and always something new when it came to Tuesday nights. I highly recommend the workshops that are by WWD and I look forward to taking another one in the future."

"As a non-fiction writer, I was looking for a fiction writing workshop that would both go over the basics and push me to grow, and Blake's workshop did both. I loved reading the stories from my fellow writers and finding what needs polishing in my own writing. I also loved hearing about the process of fiction publication and learning more about the thriving Dallas literary scene. If you're waiting for a kick to get your fiction writing going, sign up for Blake's class!"

"I completed Blake Kimzey's Fiction II Workshop, and it made me a better, more thoughtful writer. Blake's got a generous, inclusive teaching style that draws the best from each student. The texts we read each week enriched the workshop experience - nice balance. I wish I could take the class again this summer, but I must wait until fall. I'm going to miss the weekly infusion of creative juice. Thanks to Blake and my classmates for a rollicking good time."

"I attended the Poetry from the Senses seminar with Joe Milazzo. I would consider myself more a painter than a poet but was really excited about how this class will inform my studio practice. I really enjoyed the exercise he had us do in class and how we analyzed other poems and learned from others in the class. This class gave me comprehensive and clear tools to approach the writing of poetry and I already feel like I am walking through the world aware of how I'm experiencing it in a richer fashion. I would recommend this class to the novice or the expert or anyone in between, Joe was an awesome teacher and I can't wait to take another seminar of his."

"Blake was so encouraging and inspiring. He really made me want to take charge of my writing career."

"I took the 'Novel-to-Film' seminar led by Whitney Davis, a literary manager for screenwriters and novelists. I learned an immense amount of behind-the-scenes information from a well-connected professional. Now I'm excited to attend more workshops."

"I attended Fiction II and must say that I found it very motivational and inspiring. Blake is a very well read and talented instructor who gave me the needed push to continue writing my novel not only in German bust also in English. I'll be back."

"I attended Whitney Davis' workshop on Could your Novel be a Blockbuster Movie? Tips for Novel to Screen. Even though the workshop was in Dallas, I attended via Google Hangouts. Whitney is a enthusiastic and inspirational teacher with lots of real world advice to share. I learned a lot about the business.
I look forward to future workshops."

"I attended the Poetry from the Senses seminar instructed by Joe Milazzo. I really enjoyed the writing exercise that we did. Also, it was very interesting to look at other poetry and examine what it does for our senses. I can't wait until the next workshop! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to generate creativity and deepen their connection to poetry through examination of the world around us. Joe is great!"

"I attended Whitney Davis' novel to film seminar and learned some fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits. I highly recommend their workshops."

"I love that Blake allows us to come up with our own writing styles and ideas. One thing that has bothered me about past writing courses is being required to use prompts for story ideas. This was a BIG help."

"Blake Kimzey from Writing Workshops Dallas is one of the best instructors I've had on writing. He puts a lot of thought into his classes and how he will present the content so that it's engaging, extremely practical to apply, and easy to understand. He's also incredibly responsive, encouraging (yet honest about the many challenges that a writer encounters), and caring. What more could you ask for in an instructor!"

"I saw Blake from Writing Workshop Dallas Great present at Serj Books. It was a really illuminated presentation into the rigors of what it takes to get published. Not only was it informative, but it cleared up some of the mystery associated with the publishing process, and gave me a specific game-plan and set of tools necessary to take the next step towards being published."

"Attended a workshop in Downtown Dallas. Laid back and very informative! I would definitely attend another one."

"I've never felt more satisfied with a course and that was due to the genuine care and freedom to create works and discuss criticisms in a professional and constructive way."

"Blake was excellent in guiding each workshop, and allowed for active conversations to turn into excellent feedback."

"Blake is an excellent instructor who inspires his students to make their writing as good as it possibly can be. He encourages his students to write about whatever they want, which puts the creativity in the hands of the students. No prompts were given, and I appreciated that."

"I liked it all."

"This course totally encouraged me as an aspiring writer. Blake does an excellent job of encouraging total class involvement; even the quietest student is encouraged to speak her mind, which aids in everyone's learning."

"Blake did an amazing job of demystifying the writing and publishing process. We're all better informed and still inspired."

"This class has really kindled a passion I have always had, but been too afraid of pursuing. With the workshop and classmates I have left the course really believing that anyone can be a writer if they pursue it earnestly and with a love for reading and writing. Thank you!"

"I truly enjoyed the fact that we were encouraged to write what we wanted to write. Blake's focus is on making what you want to express come out on the page. And by reading published material that didn't come from traditional set texts, it forced us to look at the quality of the writing more objectively. I wish more writing workshops were taught this way."

"Blake made for a great and encouraging teacher because he approached the class as a workshop leader and presented himself as a fellow writer who knew the path rather than a mere 'instructor.'"

"This course was great! I would take the class again as I believe there is so much more I could learn from this instructor."

"Blake is inspirational to work with."

"I took a fiction workshop with Blake and experienced the most informative class on writing. The workshop required that I write two stories and through Blake's positive critique of my work I learned what I was doing well and what needed improvement. The workshop inspired and encouraged me to continue with my collection of stories. I look forward to signing up for another workshop to further my journey as a writer."

"The quality of this class was great! The selected textbooks were great choices."

"Blake created a safe environment where many of us felt brave enough to push our limits, take some risks with our stories, and try something new. There was a frequent and open discussion initiated by the class about how different members of the class had been stretched and expanded. I am definitely a better writer having taken this course with Blake Kimzey."

"This is one of my favorite writing classes I've ever taken and will be taking it again. Everything I learned and accomplished was extremely valuable not only for my writing, but for my future career."

"This was a great course and I would definitely take it again!"

"The workshops were great. I liked the organization of them. I appreciated how polite everyone was. I was surprised that I could write and that people would have nice things to say about it. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. Most importantly, I gained the courage to write a whole story and have other people look at it. There was something about having to reading people's stories for their workshop that made me work harder than in other courses. Something about owing something to a particular person made me make sure I got my critiques done."

"This class was absolutely fantastic."

"Blake was probably one of the best instructors I have ever had. I love the workshop structure he has put in place and it was incredibly beneficial to me. I also liked learning how the local literary scene in Dallas looks, and how a writer can find an agent. Very helpful. SO overall, this class was a great experience."