Upcoming 2019 Mentorships

We are proud to offer several limited enrollment mentorships with award-winning and bestselling authors. Each program accepts no more than six motivated writers. Our mentorships are immersive courses designed to shepherd talented writers to THE END of their manuscripts and identify next steps on the road to publication (revision, querying agents, publication, etc.).

The Ideal Applicant for these programs have a work-in-progress. Writers accepted into these programs will have basic knowledge of the tools and craft of writing fiction and are looking for an intensive experience without the cost of a top flight graduate program. Interested applicants will want to be a part of a thriving and intimate fiction cohort and understand that growth in craft requires critique, consistent work, and an eagerness to grow.

We love our award-winning instructors, but we’re most proud of our Student Testimonials, which speak to the quality of our classes and the dedication our instructors demonstrate as mentors.