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The Ones We Love to Hate: Writing Villains Who Beg Your Readers to Root for Them (and Make Your Heroes Better Too)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

3:00PM - 6:00PM

$60 New Student | $45 Returning

Live Stream Available

JR. Forasteros, author of Empathy for the Devil, will give you the secrets and strategies to write villains and antagonists who make your stories shine, ratchet up the tension, and make for compelling drama. A hero is only as interesting as their opponents. But how do we keep villains from feeling like 2-dimensional, moustache-twirling cardboard stand-ins? This seminar will help you understand what makes a great opponent for your protagonist. You'll learn to diagnose stories that aren't working. JR. will help you find the right amount of villainy to make your hero earn their applause. Topics will include:

  • The basics of strong character development

  • The difference between a villain and an antagonist (and which one you need)

  • Writing compelling dialog (and when your villain should monologue)

  • How to make a villain more sympathetic even if they're evil

  • Using your hero and villain/antagonist relationship to make the other more compelling

Fee: $60 or $45 for former/current students | Live Stream Available!

  • JR. Forasteros, Presenter

  • Sunday, February 17, 2019 - 3:00PM to 6:00PM

  • Seminar meets at The Drawing Board at 75 & Campbell: 1900 Jay Ell Dr / Richardson, TX / 75081

  • Live Stream is available for students who live outside of Dallas. Just let us know when you register.

Contact us HERE if you have any questions about this seminar.


Instructor JR. Forasteros is the author of Empathy for the Devil. He also blogs for NorvilleRogers.com and is a prolific podcaster. He leads an Awaken Creativity Writers' Group for Art House Dallas, and his writings have appeared in several essay collections, Grace and Peace magazine and Relevant magazine. JR. is also a pastor, training a team of volunteer preachers in writing for public speaking.